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Dex/Virtual Terminal Retirement FAQ

What is Dex?

Dex is Merchants' dash to manage their organization, locations, users, transactions, order details, funding, disputes, and gain insights about their business all from a single place. Our Dex platform continues to evolve into a one-stop-shop for all customer needs.

What does "Retirement" mean in this instance?

Retirement means that Forte is moving away completely from utilizing this tool. 

Are all merchants moving to Dex from Virtual Terminal?

Yes, new merchants are being on-boarded directly to Dex, and existing merchants will be transitioning from Virtual Terminal and on to Dex.

When will Virtual Terminal be retired?

This retirement will be phased out. Your organization will receive further communication when the migration begins, followed by a Dex invite.

Will we still have Virtual Terminal access?

Dex will provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly interface therefore VT access will not be necessary. You will still have access to Virtual Terminal for (90) days after receiving your Dex invite. After (90) days your VT user account will no longer be available, please be sure to accept the invite within (8) Calendar days.

Are all current Virtual Terminal features available in Dex?

We are consistently enhancing Dex to offer not only the current VT features, but new and enhanced features.

Will Dex training be available?

We currently offer Dex training and will continue to do so well beyond this transition process. We commit to providing you with the necessary training to be successful in utilizing this platform.

Please check out our resource information below

How do I set up additional Users? 

Merchant Admins may set up additional users, please refer to the user menu options to discuss roles

Merchant Admins are the organization’s owner who has maximum permissions and can manage a user’s roles and invite new users to the organization Dex User Roles

Is it possible to link multiple merchant accounts?

Merchant Locations also known as (Merchant IDs) that share the same tax ID are currently linked together. Which means that you will have access to all of your locations, if you have multiple merchant accounts with different tax ID(s) Please contact our support teams. to learn more about our enterprise setup.

I did not receive my Dex invitation. 

Please be sure to check your spam or junk folders. Your Dex invitation will come from

Dex Terminology:

  • A Location is a transaction processing endpoint where merchants/partners initiate and capture transactions. In legacy systems, Locations were known as MIDs (Merchant IDs).
  • An organization is the legal entity that owns and maintains Merchant Organizations and Locations and, in some cases, other Partner Organizations. The permissions granted to Partner users in Dex depend on the partner type and agreed-upon contract.
  • An Enterprise Organization is a grouping of Merchant Organizations with different Tax ID numbers.


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