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V400c Template Assignment

These are the steps for assigning the template to a terminal in VHQ:

1. After locating the terminal in VHQ, please click on the "Software & Keys" button on the top right hand corner: 

2. Next, scroll down and check to see if a template is assigned to the terminal by checking the box on the right.

3. If the template is blank(as shown above), search for the correct template by the MID and/or name: 

4. Assign the template by selecting it and moving it to the column on the right. Then click the "Save" button:

5. Make sure to select "Yes" when prompted: 

6. Next you will want to schedule a download by selecting  "Downloads" from the "Schedule" drop down menu:

7. Choose "next" in the bottom right hand corner: 

8. Make sure that "Packages Already Assigned" is selected. Select "Software and Parameters". Then scroll down and make sure that "Next Contact" is selected under "Download on"(unless the merchant has specified another time). Then click the "Submit" button:

9. Make sure to select "Yes" when prompted:

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