Support Services

Partner Support Resource Matrix

Customer Support 





Dept SLA

Request to delete or resubmit transactions



Customer Service




24 hours

Merchant funding/payment issues

Re-pop batches (ACH only)

Delayed processing/reporting inquiries

Email and password reset

Merchant billing inquiries (invoices, refunds, statement questions)






Customer Service











1 -2 Business Days

Merchant Account Closure 

Merchant PCI inquiries

Merchant reconciliation questions

Merchant Forte system questions (Dex, VT)

Merchant returned billing 

Merchant application status 

Merchant returned transactions or reconciliation inquiries 

Merchant Address/phone/email/contact change

2 -3 Business Days


Report issues (auto daily, CFO)

Partner support

Same day if received by 4pm CT

Vantiv funding issues

New application questions

24 hours

Questions regarding Forte notification

ISO questions/inquiries -post application approval

1-2 business days

Questions regarding new business opportunities

Questions - Adding services to existing account – ACH, CC Forte verify etc.

Less day hold/faster funding questions

General Commission/Billing questions

Forte systems training/questions

Data export

2 – 3 business days

Buy rate review requests

Application decline appeal existing merchants  

72 hours

Requested changes to partner agreement

4-5 business days

Requested changes to MSA

Billing inquiries – auto bill, chargeback debits/credits, commissions, refunds

ISO buy rate -inquiries /changes

10-14 business days

Manual Bill inquiries

Pricing adjustments/inquiries

Funding issues/corrections

Delete invoice due to error

Special (one-off) requests

Based on complexity  

Feature requests/enhancements


FTP issues

Integration/Tech Support

Same day if received by 4pm CT

Incident (product or service down, FTP batches)


Edit client’s schedules for Forte Checkout

24 hours

Processing credential support 

Rejected Batch


Equipment issues


1-2 business days

Implementing code questions


Integration questions


Service related issues (bill pay files changes and issues)


WebServices (REST, Soap, AGI)


Token/client transfers


2-3 business days


Credit Dept.




Dept SLA

Over transaction limit notification 

Account changes

Same day

DBA name change 

2-3 business days

Bank account change 

Limit increase 

Hold day change 

New application submissions 

New Accounts

24 hours

New application follow-up 


3-4 business days

Decline appeal -new merchants 

14 business days

Gateway setup issues


Same day


MCC code updates

Resend approval info/welcome letters  

Descriptor updates

24 hours

Reactivating closed accounts 

1-2 business days






Dept SLA

Partner PCI Question



1-2 business days

Due diligence requests 

Merchant/Partner inquiries related to industry/state rules and regs vs. Forte T&C's


5-7 business days






Hardware orders


Receipt paper orders


For escalations related to Customer Support or Technical Support please email 

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