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Canadian Market

Canadian Market

While Forte’s products off the shelf, such as Virtual Terminal and Secure Webpay checkout for example, support Canadian Credit Card processing, they do not support Canadian EFT (Canadian equivalent to ACH).  Integrated partners looking to provide Canadian EFT solutions must take some unique items into account.

Integrated partners offering EFT services to Canadian merchants must include the customer’s full address with the transaction.  EFT transactions submitted without an address will not be issued an error, instead the transaction will subsequently return and the returned items fees will apply.

Additionally, Integrated partners that choose to offer Canadian EFT will need to reformat Canada’s MICR code. Canadian routing numbers have two sets, the first set contains five characters and the second contains three. The five digit set identifies the bank’s branch number and the three digit set identifies the bank’s institution number.

Forte must receive the routing number with the three digit set first, along with a “0” leading that set, the five digit set should be combined to follow that set (which is now four characters with the 0) with no characters or spaces between them.

Example of Canadian Routing number: XXXXX-YYY

Branch Number: XXXXX

Institution Number: YYY

How Forte needs to receive it: 0YYYXXXXX

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