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What are Cutoff Times?

Cutoff Time

The cutoff time is when the transaction window closes and the cumulative transactions (batch file), since the last cutoff time, are submitted (batched) to the ACH network for processing.  The cutoff time for Forte’s ACH merchants is approximately 4:30pm Pacific time Mon – Friday except on bank holidays. Same-Day ACH is 1pm PST.

Credit Card transaction cutoff varies by type and acquirer.  Transactions originated (see “origination”) following these times will be sent in the next batch file. 

Global, East
8pm PST
9pm PST
8pm PST
First Data, DL host
10pm PST
First Data ISO 8583 (current)
5:00pm PST
Vantiv, IBM
5pm PST

Note: These times are reflective of when Forte begins to settle to each acquirer.  Forte does not control the acquirer’s settlement time.  Processing with a 3rd party Acquirer, outside of Forte’s service, may result in delayed settlement depending on the acquirer’s settlement flexibility. 

Midnight Cutoff:

On a case by case basis Forte offers midnight cutoff (in the merchant’s time zone) to assist merchants in reconciling deposits.  This will cause a delay for Credit Card settlement/funding.  ACH settlements will be moved to a 1 day hold (faster funding) and will incur fees consistent with a 1 day hold (Faster Funding form must be completed).  (See ACH Faster Funding below).

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