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BillPay Daily File Upload - Merchant Best Practices

Purpose: The purpose of this solution is to help merchants stay on top of their BillPay files to ensure their information is always accurate and up-to-date.  

To ensure that your BillPay website's information is updated in a timely manner, it's essential for merchants to regularly monitor the daily status of the file, especially during peak collection times. During the sync of transactions, information is passed through a file transfer protocol (FTP) between your system and Forte. These files ensure that updated amounts due are reflected on your BillPay site. To ensure that you are aware of the status of your BillPay Files, the primary and secondary merchant contacts should be receiving an email titled “BillPay File Received and Processed”.

It is important to confirm that the point of contact(s) receiving these notices are current, as notifications are limited to four email addresses. Tedit this recipient list, please send an email to

Below is an example of the BillPay File Received and Processed email for your reference. The email you receive will include additional information specific to your file:


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If you do not receive a confirmation email that a file was received and processed successfully, it could mean that the file upload failed. If the file failed, a support ticket will automatically be created in Forte's system and will be addressed as soon as possible by a member of our Tech Support team. You may also reach them directly by contacting or (866) 290-5400 Option 5. In some instances, our support team may direct you to contact your software provider and request a new file be pushed over to Forte as soon as possible. 

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