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Merchant FAQ - Migration to the CSG Forte Platform 2023

Please review the following FAQ for additional information regarding your merchant account changes.


Q: Will the terms of my current agreement change? 
A: Yes. Conversion of your payment processing account to the CSG Forte platform requires certain amendments to your Terms of Service. With this change, you will be entering into an agreement with WorldPay and CSG Forte Payments, Inc.  

Please carefully review the updated Terms and Conditions of your Merchant Services Agreement and Bank Disclosure form here.

Per the terms of your service agreement, continued use of the services after the expiration of the applicable notice time shall indicate your acceptance of these revised terms. 

Q: Will I be able to rely on the same reporting and funding time frame for my deposits?
A: Yes. Your reporting and funding schedule will not change. CSG Forte will continue to fund your account.  

Q: Will my transactions view remain the same when I search in Virtual Terminal or Dex? 
A: Yes. All transaction characteristics will remain the same.

Q: How will my disputes be handled? 
 A: CSG Forte will continue to manage the disputes process. You will be required to log into Dex to view, track  and manage the status of disputes and upload any documents needed to support disputes.  Click 
here to learn more about managing disputes on our Dex platform. 

Q: Will my pricing change? 
 A: Your current pricing will not change as part of this transition.

Q: Will I receive more than one bill? 
A: No. CSG Forte will continue to handle all billing. You will receive one invoice for all your processing activity with CSG Forte.

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