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Debit MasterCard BusinessCard Transactions

Purpose: As discussed on 5/11/2023, merchants are receiving declines on Debit MasterCard BusinessCard Transactions that are being dipped (EMV) or swiped. The purpose of this solution is to provide support with manual entry steps they can provide for a merchant to take to avoid getting a decline on a Debit MasterCard BusinessCard transaction, as well as verbiage they can provide for merchants regarding the reason for the cards processing as credit cards. 

Debit MasterCard BusinessCard will not process as a debit card. These BIN's all have a card category of Credit.

The reason these debit cards are processing as credit cards is as follows: 

Forte's acquirer identifies these as cobranded cards = "Credit cards are only able to process via credit networks, debit cards are only able to process via debit networks. But cobranded cards can be process via a credit or debit network. " These type cards are actually Credit Cards. Forte receives the card Bank Identification Number (BIN) info directly from our acquirer, with data being contributed by MasterCard. MasterCard (MC) is identifying the BIN as Credit card. Forte has no influence over that decision and cannot change what we receive from the acquirer. 

If Support get an inquiry as to why these cards are processing as credit card transactions instead of debit card transactions, the summary above can be used. 

Merchant can follow the below steps to attempt POS payment: 

  1. When prompted to tap, insert, or swipe, press the red "X" button.
  2. The screen with display "! Operation Cancelled".
  3. Input the card information manually, pressing the green button after each input.
  4. An "Is this a debit card?" prompt will appear with "Yes" and "No" options. 
  5. Select No.

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