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2022 Pricing Increase - Govt Merchant FAQ

 Q: Why is this change occurring?

A: Last year CSG Forte committed to conducting annual reviews of our pricing in relation to interchange rates, third party costs, and Card Brand price adjustments. Please be advised that due to skyrocketing inflation, increasing labor and supply chain costs, and ACH fee increases incurred this year, we will be adjusting your current pricing.


Q: How will this impact merchants?
A: Pricing will be increased for the following billing fees, as applicable.



Q: What if I want to switch from an absorbed model to a convenience fee?

A: Please reach out to your relationship manager, your sales rep, or


Q: Why am I receiving a second notice if I received one on September 1st? (If applicable)

A: We noticed that you may not have received all notices sent on September 1st regarding pricing changes to all your merchant accounts. If you did not receive a notice for all your merchant accounts, these may have been caught in your email spam filter. A second notice has been sent with the Merchant ID's that you may have missed.


Q: When will the price increase be effective for my tax merchant accounts?

A: Price increases for tax merchants will be effective early next year. We will provide advance notice before making any changes and work with you so there is minimal impact on your tax season.

Q: When will my credit card terminal be updated with the price increase?

A: Your Vx520 or v400c credit card terminal will be updated on Saturday, October 8th.

Q: What if I receive an error when processing?

A: If you receive an error code when attempting to process (U27, U28, U29), please reach out to or 866-290-5400 Opt. 5.

  • Troubleshooting steps for Credit Card Terminals


1. Unplug the terminal and plug it in again. 

2. Wait for the terminal to load and then press the number 9(instead of selecting the "Forte" option). 

3. Select "Update Check". 

4. Key in the password and press the green enter key. 

5. Select "Update Now". 


The V400c should update automatically as long as it is connected to the internet. If the terminal hasn't been connected to the internet, the merchant will just need to wait about 15 minutes after connecting the terminal for the update to take place. If the terminal is displaying "Merchant 1" on the screen after the update, the merchant will just need to unplug the power and plug it in again.

  • If you are not able to update your terminal or if you receive an error, please contact our Integration team at 866-290-5400 Opt 5. or

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