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VX520 Multi-Merchant Load File

These are the steps to create a multi-merchant load file for the VX520. 

1. Go to the folder with the file templates located here.

2. Choose the template based on the number of merchant ID's needed. 

3. Do a find replace on "MID4" to replace it with a terminal ID consisting of the first MID and the last for digits of the serial number for the terminal: 

There should be 12 instances of the terminal ID in the file. 

4. Next, do a find replace with "Random" to replace it with an 8 digit password that you have generated randomly. You may go here to generate a random 8 digit password. 

There should be 5 instances of the password. 

5. Next you will edit the settings to set hybrid mode(#LISTENERMODE), set the number of receipts(#NUMRCPTS), determine if the vx520 calculates the convenience fee(#LISTENERCALFEE), set the cable type(CDPOSPRT), and turn EMV on or off using(CDEMVMSD, EDEMVINIT, CDXPIINIT, and CDEMVCLS):

6: After that, you will configure parameters for MID number 1. Those will begin with #M1:

Keep in mind that the "Merchant Name" will allow the merchant to choose the MID that they want to use such as "Town Clerk" or "Utilities". Make sure to use the "^" to indicate where the lowercase letters will begin and end. 

7. Move on to edit the next merchant ID which will be indicated by #M2, #M3, etc:

8. Once you have completed the load file, save it with a file name that is the same as the terminal ID with an extension of ".exp". 

9. After that, you will upload the file to Vericentre using the Legacy Import option in the Vericentre Terminal Management System:

Make sure to select "Prod" in the "Cluster ID" drop down menu:

10. After you have finished importing the file, be sure to double check the file in Vericentre to make sure that everything looks correct. 

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