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Forte Protect

For an added layer of protection for you VX520 get Forte Protect. Safeguard your reputation and prevent costly fines with Forte Protect. Regain peace of mind and maximize your security.  

  •  End-to-end encryption means only the intended parties can read the data, preventing unauthorized third parties from accessing the data when it’s transferred between systems and/or devices

  • Removes at-risk data from all cashiering point-of-sale systems, networks and servers, thus eliminating a primary target for hackers

  • Tamper-resistant software prevents hackers from accessing encryption keys
  • End-to-end encryption for sensitive cardholder information— from point of sale on the device until the payment is processed
  • Combines Secure Reading & Exchange of Data (SRED) – certified hardware devices and software to protect against a broad range of threats
  • Narrows your PCI scope and reduces costs and efforts associated with PCI compliance
  • Integrates into cashiering point of sale environments with minimal to no operational impact

Forte has a complete family of payment processing solutions. Ask about how these solutions can help your business.

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