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Dex- How to Upload Dispute Documents for Review

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 1  The first step is to open Dex. and click Disputes

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 2  Click Documents Needed

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 3  Click Browse to upload documents. You will be able to search documents on your computer and upload from any folder or drive. 

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 4  Click the Visible to All drop down to select the privacy visibility option. 

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 5  Select the appropriate visibility access you want to provide. 

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 6  Click Upload

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 7  Click the X in the Documents: Document Updated box to close the window. 

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 8  Click the drop down next to Actions. 

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 9  Click Submit for Review

Step 9 image

 10  Click Confirm after reading the information provided. Please note that the verbiage will be dependent on the record type i.e., Inquiry, Chargeback, or 2nd Chargeback. 

Step 10 image

 11  Click Submit

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 12  Once the dispute has been updated, click the X in the Disputes: Dispute updated box to close the window. 

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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