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Dex - Merchants Disputes Only Access Experience


1 From the home screen, click on the Disputes module.

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2 Merchants can view chargeback Disputes on the data grid and use filters to identify those that require action.

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3 Select a Chargeback to view for more transaction related details. 

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4 The Dispute Detail provides  chargeback specifics and links to the original transaction. Merchants can upload documentation and change the status for Forte review.

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5 The Items Needed tab allows merchants to upload documents. For related information click the link below.  

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6 Merchants can view the Original Transaction by clicking View.

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7 Merchants can view the related Transaction Detail associated to the dispute.

This can also be accessed on the Transactions data grid which provides the merchant view only access. 

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8 The History tab contains information related to the dispute lifecycle.

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9 The Comments tab allows merchants to communicate with our Internal Risk Team for issues related to the chargeback. 

Thanks for taking the time to review the merchant's Disputes Only Access experience.

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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