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Dex- Dispute module

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1 The first step is to open Dex. and click Disputes

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2 Click Search by Dispute ID or Customer Name to enter specific Dispute information 

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3 Click the drop down to select a date range or you can select from a predetermined date range to the left of the calendar

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4 You can click on Status to narrow down the search criteria

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5 Click Location ID if you have multiple accounts with Dispute access and want to limit your search to a single location

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6 Click Amount to enter the amount of the dispute being researched

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7 Click More Filter for additional search criteria

Step 7 image

8 Status will provide the current state of the dispute which will include Document needed, Accepted, Won, and Lost

Step 8 image

9 Click the 3 vertical dots for the option to view the Original Transaction, Upload an Attachment, or Submit documentation for Review. 

An instructional video is also available on how to upload an attachment. 

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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