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Not Receiving Email Notifications

For each event not receiving email notifications, kindly advise:

· Should the customer receive an email notification? If yes, the “Send To Customer” option must be checked and an email will be sent if the customer entered a valid email address when completing the transaction.


· Which VT system user(s) should receive an email notification? VT users in the “Selected List” at the right will receive email notifications for this event if a valid email address is configured for the user. Email addresses for VT system users may be configured or updated from the following menus:

o User Options menu > Preferences

o User Options menu > Search option > Edit function for system user

Helpful hints:  

· For system users and customers not receiving email notifications for an event, it is plausible that the email notification sent by PaymentsGateway was targeted by a junk or spam filter at the recipient’s end. Adjusting email account preferences for these notifications to be allowed will generally resolve the issue. The receiver may also contact their local email server administrator for assistance.


· The system user or customer not receiving email notifications may temporarily try specifying an email address offered by public providers such as Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo, etc…. This troubleshooting tip will help the affected person determine if the email notification was actually sent by PaymentsGateway.

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