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Email Notifications - getting started

If you would like for your customers or users to be emailed a receipt following a specific event, you need to have the Email notifications configured on your Virtual Terminal account. 

Please follow my instructions below to configure this option on your account or give me a call at my extension below to further explain:

  1. From the Merchant Options menu > select the Notifications option, 
  2. Select the Event for which you wish the email notifications to be received,
  3. Select the “Send To Customer” option if you would like the customer to receive an email notification - an email will be sent if the customer entered a valid email address when completing the transaction.
  4. VT users in the “Selected List” at the right will receive email notifications for this event if a valid email address is configured for the user.
  5. Create the body of the email by typing in text in the "Message" area. 
  6. Dynamic fields can be included in the email such as first name, by clicking "Bill to First Name" in the selection box to the left.   


Overlapping events could cause multiple emails to go out. For example having a Scheduled Processed email set along with a Schedule Declined event will generate two emails for one Declined Scheduled Transaction. This may be desired depending on your business rules, however if you don't want the customer to receive two emails make sure you don't have the "Send To Customer" box checked on both events.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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