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I have developed a application in Web Api 2.0

Can i transfer money from my bank account to other accounts using Forte. Simply i just want to use Forte as Payouts is this possible?



  • Good morning Eshwar,

    So sorry for the delay replying to this. Yes, you can do payouts in our system. It is a credit transaction instead of a debit. Depending on the integration method you choose, instead of Action=Sale, you will choose Action=Credit.

  • Can I do Payouts using Dex? 

  • Hi Raymond. Yes. Instead of Debit/Sale, it will be Refund/Disbursement.

  • Wow, that was a fast response, James. Thank you for that answer. Quick additional question, can I do sandbox transactions using Dex?

  • Sure. If you already have a live account, just click on the User icon in the top right corner and select "Switch to sandbox".

    If you don't have a live account, just send an email to and request a sandbox account. All they need is your name, company name, and email address.

    Or........ Do you already have a sandbox account and simply need access to Dex? If yes, what is the sandbox merchant account ID?

  •  Hi,

    We need a solution to pay (ACH) the vendors (not receive the payments) on our website.

    Please advise a resource link for the Web API. We tried but the resource pool is vast and we couldn't locate the right API.

    Also, let us know if there are any charges involved per transaction or in forte account creation.

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