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I have developed a application in Web Api 2.0

Can i transfer money from my bank account to other accounts using Forte. Simply i just want to use Forte as Payouts is this possible?



  • Good morning Eshwar,

    So sorry for the delay replying to this. Yes, you can do payouts in our system. It is a credit transaction instead of a debit. Depending on the integration method you choose, instead of Action=Sale, you will choose Action=Credit.

  • Can I do Payouts using Dex? 

  • Hi Raymond. Yes. Instead of Debit/Sale, it will be Refund/Disbursement.

  • Wow, that was a fast response, James. Thank you for that answer. Quick additional question, can I do sandbox transactions using Dex?

  • Sure. If you already have a live account, just click on the User icon in the top right corner and select "Switch to sandbox".

    If you don't have a live account, just send an email to and request a sandbox account. All they need is your name, company name, and email address.

    Or........ Do you already have a sandbox account and simply need access to Dex? If yes, what is the sandbox merchant account ID?

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