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Forte Payment System integration for WordPress

Hi Forte Team, 

Looking for forte payment system plugin to accept credit card and ACH on wordpress web apps ? I was looking for solution to integrate payment via credit card and ACH using Forte.



  • Hi Muheeb,

    There are several Forte plug-ins available now for WordPress themes:




    I hope this information is helpful. Please call or email if you have further questions.

    James Ivey

    Forte Technical Support

  • James,

    Looking at this one you suggested:

    What about it makes you believe it has support for the forte gateway, besides the same name?


  • Hi Neill,

    My apologies. That plug-in is only for Wordpress themes. It has nothing to do with payment processors.

    James Ivey

    Forte Technical Support

  • Has there been any update? Lack of WordPress integration is limiting our potential

  • Did you look into Woocommerce and/or Cartpress?

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