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Secure Web Pay Integration Method Comparison Chart

Merchants can integrate with Secure Web Pay (SWP) using one of the following methods:

  • Checkout: Calls a customizable Forte-hosted payment form for capturing and securely submitting transaction information.
  • Embedded: Embeds a web page for collecting transaction information into the desktop application.
  • Redirect: Submits transaction information via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection using a merchant-hosted payment form.

The following chart displays the effort and difficulty involved with each integration method:

FeatureSWP CheckoutSWP EmbedSWP Redirect
Integration EffortEasyMediumMedium
Browser-Based ApplicationYYY
Non-Browser-Based ApplicationY
Recurring Transaction SupportYY
SSL Certificate RequiredOptionalY
Tokenization SupportYYY
PCI-DSS-Compliant Checkout IncludedYYY
Customer AuthenticationIncludedOptionalOptional
Complete Merchant ControlY
Customizable Gateway-Hosted FormsYY
Hybrid - Embed Forms in Your AppY
Credit Cards - Card Present/SwipeYYY
Credit Cards - Card-Not-Present/MotoYYY
Electronic CheckYYY

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