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SWP - Redirect

Secure Web Pay – Redirect

The Redirect integration method gives a web merchant full control over the payment page, which is programmed by the merchant and hosted on their own web server. Transaction information is securely submitted to the Payments Gateway via a merchant-initiated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection as well as a transaction signature.



Secure Web Pay Redirect

For merchants that have their own hosting and need total control over the payment form we offer Secure Web Pay Redirect. Secure Web Pay Redirect is a fully customizable PCI compliant solution that can perform transactions as well as client and payment method operations. The results of the transaction or tokens created can be posted back to a URL specified in the call.


Supported Operations

The Secure Web Pay Redirect API supports these operations:

  • Transactions
    • Add Single Transactions
      • Optional Client and Payment Method created
    • Add Scheduled Transactions
      • Client and Payment Method created
    • Note: Passing payment method tokens in place of payment data is supported, however client tokens will be derived. If a client token is not found bill to first and last names are required. Passing both tokens is not supported.
  • Clients
    • Create Client
    • Update Client
    • Delete Client
  • Payment Methods
    • Create Payment Method
      • Optional Client Creation
    • Update Payment Method
    • Delete Payment Method

Request Parameters

For a list of Type Definitionsclick here.





Merchants can access their personal SWP Redirect Code in Dex > Locations > Secure Web Pay View Code button. Click Here for instructions on accessing this information in Dex.

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