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2024 TPPA Training Opportunities

Upcoming Compliance and Risk Management Training Series for Merchants and Partners presented by TPPA

The Third-Party Payment Processors Association (TPPPA) is a national not-for-profit industry association formed in 2013 to represent and promote the interests of payment processors, their financial institutions, and their merchants. 

As a member of the TPPPA, CSG Forte Payment, Inc. invite Merchants and Partners to participate in several CMS Best Practices training series. Click on the links below to register

Third-Party Risk Management and its Role in the TPPPA CMS

This session will explore guidance on third-party risk management and third-party service providers and the due diligence and monitoring guidance of regulators. Topics will also include the role of a third-party payment processor and nested payment processors and ISOs.

Facilitator: TPPPA

Date: 2/7/2024


Understanding the Purpose and Function of Risk Assessment and its Relationship to Internal Controls – Policies and Procedures: Their Functions and How they Differ


This session will discuss the proper way to design and maintain a risk assessment of your organization’s payment processing program. Topics include categories of risk, such as fraud, operations, credit, compliance, legal, industry, consumer protection, payment systems, etc.


Facilitator: TPPPA

Date: 2/21/2024


Policies and Procedures: Their Functions and How they Differ

This session will discover the different functions and purpose of Polices versus Procedures. Policies are directives of the Board that are designed to implement controls to mitigate the risks to the organizations payment processing program. Procedures are the instructions for implementing the board policies at a functional level.


Facilitator: TPPPA

Date: 4/3/2024


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