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Process to enable Digital Wallets

Before requesting our team to enable any digital wallet please check our developer documentation to:

  • Check general requirements for each digital wallet available on this link.
  • Check applicable transaction or device specifications.
  • Understand the process required to implement Digital Wallets, which will vary from wallet to wallet and also if you are implementing via Forte Checkout or REST API solutions.


To identify your web page(s) as one of the merchants processing payments with CSG Forte you will need to retrieve a file from this web page and upload it to a location defined by Apple of your web page. If you receive payments in more than one domain, you need to ensure these steps are followed for each domain. Additionally, for security requirements of Apple Pay regarding the Domain of your webpage when implemented in Forte Checkout, please check the steps below. 

  • Download our Domain Association file. Pilot merchants file will be provided directly by CSG Forte team.
  • Upload the file with the name apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association by the following path:


  • Once this is done, please reach out to your main Forte contact to enable Apple Pay at the Merchant ID (Location) level or Add a ticket in our web page using this link and including the request as 'Enable Apple Pay Request'. Please make sure you provide the intended domain(s) that will be registered.
  • After this information is correctly transmitted and provided that the merchant association file is at the defined location, your service will be activated, and you will be notified via email.


Note: If you were previously enrolled with a different payments service provider for Apple pay and registered your domain, please make sure to unregister before starting this process with us. 

This process is not applicable for REST API, since in that solution you will create the Cryptograhic parameters to apply.

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