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CSG Forte Authenticate Merchant FAQs

Q: How can a I submit an Authenticate transaction request to verify bank account ownership? 
A:You can initiate an Authenticate transaction using both our REST API service (see Dev Docs below) or via our Dex platform. 
FORTE REST Dev Docs - Authenticate Transaction 
Q: Does Authenticate confirm checking account ownership for both personal and business name? 
A: Yes! 
Q: Does Authenticate account for slight name variations (i.e. Jenny vs Jennifer) or minor misspellings (Jennifer McFly vs Jennifer Macfly)? 
A: Yes! Our service uses “fuzzy logic” and will return a response for first and last name entries (or business entries) that may have minor variations from what is 100% correct. Merchants will receive one of the below response reasons: 

  • Positive: Business Name or First and Last Name Overall Match 

  • Conditional: The full name conditionally (partially) matches the database record 

  • Negative: No Matching Information or No Info 

Q: If I’m already enrolled in Verification services (Validate or Validate+), can I submit one transaction (or one REST API call) to include an Authenticate request for both services? 
A: No, not at this time. Forte Verify (Validate or Validate+) and Authenticate transactions need to be posted separately. 
Q: Are there any prohibited business types for the Authenticate service? 
A: Businesses engaged in any of the following activities are not eligible to use the Services: 

  • Illegal business activities 

  • Sale of discount programs, credit repair, or government grants 

  • Any type of pyramid scheme 

  • High interest rate lending (estimated APR > 36%) 

  • Online gambling 

  • Transmission of money or other cash-like items 

Other merchants based on business type, reputational review or other factors may be deemed higher risk and are subject to additional review or requirements. All merchant applications are subject to review and approval. 

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