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New Partnership Product Intake Form Template Guidance

Dept. Impact: Compliance/Product/Sales

Created Date: 08/01/2022

Last Updated: 08/01/2022

Version #: 1.0



The purpose of the new Partnership and Product Intake Form is to gather information about the partner or product to enable Compliance to provide appropriate guidance. In addition to provide prompts to assist with completing portions of the form. 


New Partnership/Product Intake Form


New Partnership/ Product

Enter Partnership or Product Type

Project Start Date

Enter Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Proposed Product Type (ACH/CC/Value Added Service)

Choose that all that apply:



Value Added Service

Project End Date/Go Live Date

Enter End Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Type of Partnership (Acquired/Gateway/

Enhanced Gateway)



 Choose an item.

Target Audience (Merchant/Partner or Consumer)

 Choose an item.

Description of Use Case (including key participants/stakeholders) *

 Impact to the Business/Return on Investment (ROI)*

Provide brief description of use case

 (see list of items to consider)

Provide brief description of impact to the business

(see items of items to consider)



Project Team / Roles & Responsibilities

Project Sponsor

Project Manager

Project Support Analyst

Project Support









Documentation (if applicable)

Document Name

 Obtained (Yes/No)

Flow of Funds Chart and Narrative 


Use case flow chart/diagram


List of Compliance Requirements (if applicable)


Project plan






Description of Use Case (including key participants/stakeholders)

 Impact to the Business/ROI

Things to consider

  • The intent to identify who would utilize the product/service.
  • Include the purpose of the product/new relationship
  • Does it support Acquired/Gateway/Enhanced gateway models?
  • Identify the kind of customer and/or end user(s)


Things to consider

Solution to a problem

  • What problem does it solve or address, if applicable?
  • Do existing customers have a need for this product/service?
  • Is the request driven by customer inquiry, compliance, sales, etc?


  • What is the revenue potential?
  • Does it complement an existing product/service? If yes, how? (e.g., fees, IT, upgrades, etc.)
  • Will this enable us to attract and retain new customers?
  • Are Forte’s competitors offering this product? If yes, how and/under which parameters?
  • Will this product be offered to new markets or customer types? If yes, which?

Regulatory Impact

  • Are applications or notices required to be filed with federal or state regulator(s)?
  • Will this product be used outside the United States?
  • Will the new product use third-party vendors for any aspect of the new product/service?





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