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  1. What is Dex?
    1. Dex is Merchants' dash to manage their organization, locations, users, transactions, order details, funding, disputes and gain insights about their business all from a single place. Our Dex platform continues to evolve into a one-stop-shop for all customer needs.
  2. Will I still have access to the Virtual Terminal Portal?
    1. You will still have access to the Virtual Terminal for (90) days after receiving your Dex invite. Please be sure to accept your Dex invite within (8) calendar days.
  3. Will I receive Dex Training over the new portal?
    1. Please check out our resource center for training: Webinars
    2. Additional Resource Links:
      1. Dex  
  4. How do I set up additional Users?
    1. Merchant Admins are the organization's owner who has maximum permissions and can manage a user’s roles and invite new users to the organization. Please refer to the user menu options to discuss roles. 
  5. Is it possible to link multiple accounts?
    1. Locations that share the same tax ID are currently linked together. If you have multiple locations that are linked to different tax IDs, locations can be grouped within an Enterprise. To request for an enterprise login please contact 

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