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Equipment Training Ticket Steps

1. Once the equipment is shipped, the Implementation team will create a Fresh Desk ticket indicating that the equipment was shipped and provide the original Fresh Desk ticket number for the equipment order: 

2. The next step is to look up the original Fresh Desk ticket to find out the equipment details such as who ordered the equipment, what the equipment is, where it is being shipped, and the tracking number. You'll need to search the FedEx tracking number to see when the package is scheduled to be delivered. You copy and paste that information in the equipment training ticket: 

3. Next you will create an Outlook Calendar invite for sometime during the day after the equipment is scheduled to be delivered. 

3b. Make sure to check the tracking number again on that day to confirm that the package was delivered. Sometimes the delivery is delayed:

4. Once the equipment has been delivered, you will call the merchant using the contact information that they provided in the original ticket. It is a good idea to ask for the person that is listed on the order: 

4b. If you reach them by phone, let them know that you are calling from CSGForte to confirm that they received the equipment that they ordered and would like to know if they need any training or assistance with setting it up. You can either walk them through the training or setup at that point if they are ready or schedule a time to do it later. When scheduling training, please be sure to schedule through Microsoft Booking.

5. The next thing you will do is create a new Fresh Desk email. You will want to send this to the contact email listed on the ticket or the person that you spoke with if you reach someone by phone(please copy for Wasteworks merchants).

5b. You will send the "No Response" email if there was no answer, "No Training Needed" if they let you know that they do not need training, "Training Completed" once you have completed the training, "Training Scheduled" once you have a training appointment scheduled, or "Updating the Terminal" if you are updating a terminal. You will most likely need to edit these templates to suit your needs. 

6. Go to the equipment tracking link located here and add the FD email ticket # under column "R" of the spreadsheet: 

7.  If you call and do not reach anyone, and after you have sent the "No Response" email, you will want to schedule a 2nd Outlook Calendar appointment for about 2 days later for your 2nd attempt. After the 3rd attempt with no answer and no response, you may close the ticket. 

Please see the following articles for the equipment training steps:



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