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V400c Equipment Training


1. Let the merchant know that the terminal needs it's own dedicated internet connection. Either Ethernet or Wifi. The terminal will be configured for Ethernet by default(and is preferred for security reasons). The merchant may not know that the internet connection is needed and it may take them time to set that up. You may follow up with the merchant at a later time or they can call us back or email us when they are ready. 

1b. Here is the V400c setup article from Devdocs:

1c. This youtube video is also very helpful and may be used as a guide:

1d. We also have the walk through documents on Sharepoint

2. Walk the merchant through running a test transaction using their own EMV credit or debit card if possible. 

3. Then walk them through doing a reprint using the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner. You will want to explain that the reprint is important if they run out of paper in the middle of a transaction. 

4. Then walk the merchant through voiding the transaction. The void password is always "2". 

5. Walk the merchant through opening the paper cover and changing the paper roll(see youtube video). The terminal uses 2 1/4" x  50' thermal paper available at any office supplier. 

*Make any changes that the merchant requests using VHQ and schedule a download on the terminal. If the merchant wants to change the convenience fees, refer them to their sales rep. If the merchant wants to order more equipment, refer them to the equipment page

6. Send a follow up email and close the ticket(You may use the "Training Completed" email template in Fresh Desk). 


The steps for the hybrid training are the same but you will also need to have the merchant install the USB drivers and possibly the device handler if needed. 

If the merchant is using a desktop application such as Wasteworks(Carolina software), Gworks, or RecPro; the merchant will want to install the USB drivers only(DO NOT INSTALL DEVICE HANDLER). The device handler will use the com port and prevent communication between the terminal and the computer if they are using a desktop application. 

If the merchant is using a Web application such as Ulrich, you will need to install the device handler. The Verifone Windows Setup file will install both the USB drivers and the Device handler. 

Please reach out to the software provider for any questions or assistance with the application. We have a list of the contact information for software providers located here:


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