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AccountEdge Upgrade and Save Event

I already use CSG Forte Payment Systems, why am I receiving this notice?

Your account was identified as using a third-party vendor for credit card processing. You may be familiar with CSG Forte as your gateway services provider, meaning that they transmit your credit card transactions to the third-party vendor, Ex. EXS, Grove, Etc. However, your fees are billed by the third party.


How much money can I expect to save switching my merchant account to CSG Forte Payment Systems?

Your monthly savings will depend on a few factors including processing volume, # of transactions, average ticket size and current rates. Most merchants save on average 10%-30% off their current merchant account monthly billing fees. See examples 


How is CSG Forte able to offer additional enhancements and value for a lower fee?

AccountEdge and CSG Forte have been in partnership for nearly 20 years providing top-shelf payment processing technology and integration. Based on this relationship history, AccountEdge was able to achieve wholesale pricing for each of their users.


What are the steps to completing the upgrade?

It’s easy. Fill out the merchant sign up form using this secure link. When your account is approved, CSG Forte will make the update on their system. You and your customers do not have to make any changes in your AccountEdge software.


Will upgrading to a CSG Forte Payment Systems merchant account impact how I process payments or use AccountEdge?

No, it is a seamless transition to the new platform. Once you have completed the application, CSG Forte will make the change on their side.


Is there any contract term or obligation if I complete the upgrade?

No, there are no fees or penalties for canceling after the upgrade.


How do I cancel my existing merchant account service once I upgrade?

After the upgrade to your new CSG Forte merchant account is complete, CSG Forte will provide additional instructions to help contact your current merchant account provider requesting cancellation of the account. Their customer service number can be found on your monthly statement. Any specifics related to cancellation of your current merchant account will be handled by your existing provider. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our CSG Forte Payment Systems Relationship Management team

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