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How to Guide for Reviewing Commissions/Negative Commissions

Access the Commission Folder

  • Must be on VPN 


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  • Go into the K: Drive 


  • ISO Support


  • Accounting Commissions (Contains All Conv Fee Reports)


  • Commissions Folder


  • Select Requested Year of Commissions History
    1. Note:  If the partner needed the entire year, you would need to select each folder and search for their ISO ID and compile it in an email.
  • Open the Desired Commission Folder (Ex: 2020)


  • Select the Excel File compiled by Accounting



  1. Broken Down by Month (Ex.: 1.20 = January, 2.20 = February, etc.)

  • Rolls Forward Each Month


  1. Broken Down by ACH, RCK, EXS, Conv Fee, Canadian CC, and Adjustments

  • This is password protected so you can’t edit!


  • Commission File is Uploaded and Compiled in Spreadsheet


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To Locate Requested Commission Payment 

(Ticket 682034 -

  1. CTRL F will open box that allows you to search for specified information


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  1. Search within Sheet for the ISO ID you want.


  1. Select Find Next (this will show each instance of the ISO ID)
    • If you are looking for 2 ISO IDs you can link info for both if needed
    • If you need multiple reports, access each folder, and search ISO ID


  • All Manual Reports accessed under “Manual Reports” and are compiled by Accounting


  • Final Auto Commissions Report is Generated Automatically


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  1. You can review how this is delivered in WTs under the “General” Tab, and you can see how they receive reports (Example: Email = emailed to them)

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  • When reviewing the file, you can click “Enable Editing” and the total will populate on the top, center portion of the screen.

  • Once you open the report you will see the Grand Total:

  • Either copy and paste a screenshot or the actual data in the ticket and send to merchant


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  • Send information via FD ticket to the ISO and mark as “RESOLVED”

To Locate Negative Commissions Balance 

(Ticket 633688 - )

  1. Follow above steps and once you get to the correct month, select “Enable Editing” 
    • Review Amount Balance
    • Review Line Items
    • Locate Negative Amount
      • Make adjustment for payout due to $24.95 fee not charged

  • Notify ISO that amount was mistakenly charged to ISO instead of Merchant
    1. Refund as a “One-Time Adjustment

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  • Send information vid FD ticket to the ISO and mark as “Resolved”

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