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QA Framework- POA Enhancement

Objective: To ensure precision and uniformity in the scoring of analysts’ work when working Proof of Authorizations (POAs). The scorecard will be used as a mechanism to spotlight analysts’ strengths as well as recognize areas for improvement and procedural change. 


Verification: 18 Points (8 Points & 10 Points)

  1. Did the agent confirm the POA is within the dispute timeframe and not previously returned?
  2. If No is checked for any question in the Verification: POA section, is there supporting documentation included or comments in WT that reflect Merchant education was provided by the Risk Analyst?


Procedural: 34 Points (10 Points & 8 Points)

  1. Did the analyst locate the correct transaction?
  2. Did the analyst send an email notification via Freshdesk?
  3. Did the analyst ensure the request is logged in the POA Tracking Sheet?
  4. Did the analyst add all POA-related details to the POA Tracking Sheet?


Verification: POA: 40 Points (8 Points each question)

  1. Does the POA include the receiver’s name?
  2. Does the POA received readily identify as an authorization?                                                                                        Tip: POA should include wording “I authorize” or “I agree 
  3. Does the POA include the amount, start date of authorization, and number/frequency of payments within the POA?
  4. Does the POA include where it’s a single entry or recurring, and if recurring, the TRN and DDA?
  5. If CCD, PPD, or WEB, is revocation language included for recurring or single-entry transactions scheduled in advance?

Tip: This doesn’t apply to TEL, therefore, N/A should be marked for this entry class code. 


Documentation: 8 Points

  1. Did the agent add proper or appropriate comments in WebTools?

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