Support Services

High Level Partner Journey

Journey Process
Process Owner
Process Documentation & ResourcesCustomer Success Analyst
Application (Add links to each)

Discovery CallSalesDiscovery Questions (Optional)
Partner Setup Steps
Salesforce / Rev Model Requirements
Legal / NDA Process & Docs
Mandy Carpenter
Pre-Enrollment FormSalesPre-Enrollment FormMandy Carpenter
Government ApplicationSalesForte Partner Application
Agreement by Type
Rev model / Buy Rates
Documentation Requirements by Type
Mandy Carpenter
Application SubmissionSalesCompleted Application
Mandy Carpenter
Application Review Risk Management / UnderwritingApp Decline / Reject Reasons & Process

Lashonda Winston

Application Approval StatusSalesReviewed and Approved, Declined, or RecalledMandy Carpenter

EnrollmentRisk Management
Lashonda Winston
Internal Kick Off CallSales, Enrollment, Integration, Implementation
Internal Kick Off Checklist
Partner Enrollment Form
Lashonda Winston/Mandy Carpenter
Enrollment VerticalRisk Management /Enrollment
Partner VerticalsLashonda Winston
Assign Segmentation & Imp. ResourcesAccount Management/SalesSegmentation Guide
Implementation Resource Guide
Mandy Carpenter
Partner Kick Off CallSales, Enrollment, Integration, Implementation
Implementation Enrollment FormMandy Carpenter
Confirm Imp. Workflow & ResourcesImplementationImplementation Workflow 2021Mandy Carpenter
IVR JCode Assignment & IVR ScriptImplementationAssigns IVR JCode per the list
Added on IVR Script
Mandy Carpenter
Merchants Integrated with an ISV
ImplementationIPS sends respective Partner Template
Mandy Carpenter
Go-Live Activities


Lurina Dallas
Reporting & Tracking

Contact ChangeAccount Changes

Renewal & Expansion
Upsell / Cross-sell

Contract Renewal

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