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ISO Buy-Rate Setup - QA Procedures

Step 1: Pull the ISO Buy Rate report from the Data Explorer tab in Webtools by selecting Get Audit Log Pricing Changes.
    Note: If error occurs, search by the day instead of the full month.

Step 2: Download the report and filter it to the show ISO Buy Rate changes only.
    Note: This can be done by filtering the Type column to show ISO Buy Rate changes only.

Step 3: Copy the Freshdesk ticket number and enter it into the Ticket search bar in Freshdesk to verify all necessary information was received.

Step 4: Copy the ISO and enter it into the ISO ID search bar to verify necessary changes were made in the Buy- Rate and Comments tab per the Freshdesk ticket.
    Note: Comments entered in Webtools can also be verified on the report.

Step 5: Check Freshdesk to ensure agent responded and closed the ticket properly.

Step 6: Fill out the scorecard in Scorebuddy accordingly.

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