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ISO Buy-Rate QA Framework - Implementation

1. Did the Implementation agent verify the accurate corresponding numbers/percentages in Webtools (under the Buy-Rates tab) based on the reciprocal buy-rate quantified on the Buy-Rate Form and per the FreshDesk ticket? (50 Points)

    It is important for Implementation to ensure proper numbers/percentages were entered when creating the Buy-            Rates for Forte and the Partner to get paid correctly.

2. Did the Implementation agent enter proper notes in Webtools (under Buy-Rate and Comments tab)? (16.65 Points)
    Implementation must verify all notated information is used within the comments tab that were included in the Buy-        Rate Form.

3. Did the Implementation agent include the FreshDesk ticket number in Webtools comments? (16.68 Points)
The Freshdesk ticket information must match exactly.

4. Did the Implementation agent respond and close the ticket in FreshDesk? (16.67 Points)
Although the comment section in Webtools is a required field, it is important to have detailed notes entered. The          comments in Webtools should reflect the changes made.

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