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Discover Best Practices Return Authorization Message

Discover, like Visa requires merchants to send Purchase Return Authorization (PRA) messages for refund transactions. 

Below are best practices as suggested by Discover:

  • The minimum mandatory data requirements for supporting the authorization request for refund transactions are; the primary account number (PAN) and expiration date. The best practice to have the card presented again to confirm the information is up to date.
  • Merchants that participate in Visa Account Updater (VAU) should include accounts to be refunded in their VAU inquiry batch file.
  • The refund transaction should be preformed in the same POS mode as the original transaction. If the transaction must be through a different method, the record of the first transaction should no longer be retained.
  • No mention should be made of the original payment method data in the PRA message to avoid misrepresentation of the original data.
  • A response code of either 00 (approval) or 85 (no reason to decline) must be actioned as an approval response.
  • A merchant may process the refund onto a different (alternate) Visa account under the following circumstances: T
    • The original account is no longer available or valid (e.g., the original card has been replaced due to expiration or being reported lost or stolen, or was a Visa prepaid card that has since been discarded).
    • The authorization request for the refund transaction was declined by the issuer

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