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Visa Decline Response Code Rules and Integrity Fees

Visa introduces a set of rules and fees around decline response code usage. This was in response to incorrect actions taken upon decline responses in the past by issuers, acquirers and merchants.

The rules and fees were enacted in an effort to: 

• Enhance decline code management 

• Ensure consistency across authorizations

• Improve authorization approval rates 

• Reduce operational costs 

• Reduce the risk of fraud 

Below are the four categories Visa created to group the decline response codes:

DescriptionResponse CodesRetry Permitted
Decline response codes indicating the card is blocked for use or never existed. The issuer will never approve this transaction under any circumstances.
03 - Invalid merchant
04 - Pickup card
07 - Pickup card, special conditions
12 - Invalid transaction
15 - No such issuer
41 - Pickup card lost card
43 - Pickup card stolen card 57 - Transaction not permitted to cardholder
62 - Restricted card
78 - No account
93 - Transaction cannot be completed
R0 - Stop payment order
R1 - Revocation of authorization order
R3 - Revocation of all authorization
2Due to a number of potential reasons these decline response codes indicate that there could be an approval, however at the time of the transaction, the issuer cannot approve.

19 - Re-enter transaction
51 - Insufficient funds
59 - Suspected fraud
61 - Exceeds withdrawal amount limits
65 - Exceeds withdrawal frequency
75 - Allowable PIN-entry tries exceeded
86 - ATM malfunction
91 - Issuer or switch is inoperative
96 - System malfunction
N3 - Cash service no available
N4 - Cash request exceeds issuer limit
3The Issuer cannot approve based on the details provided i.e. incorrect Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2),  expiration date, or zip code.
14 - Invalid account number 54 - Expired card
55 - Incorrect PIN
N7 - Decline for CVV2 Failure-Visa
82 - Negative Online CAMCardholder
1A - Additional customer authentication required
4This category is for more rare decline reason codes. This category includes all other decline response codes, many technical in nature or provide little to no value to acquirers or merchants.
All other decline response codes NOT listed in categories 1-3
05 - Do Not Honor
06 - Error
39 - No Credit Account
52 - No Checking Account
53 - No Savings Account
58 - Transaction not allowed at terminal
77 - Previous message located for a repeat or reversal, but repeat or reversal data inconsistent with original message
80 - Visa transaction credit issuer unavailable. Private label invalid date
P2 - Invalid biller information P6 - Unsafe PIN
Z3 - Unable to go online; declined


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