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Capterra Review Recruitment Process

Purpose: Outline the process to engage with identified candidates for the Capterra Review campaign.


  • Identify candidates from current or historical touchpoints in which our customers are satisfied with our services.
  • Open the spreadsheet where the candidates are being managed – Capterra Review Campaign Candidates
  • Cross reference the spreadsheet to ensure duplicate efforts are not being made and we have not already engaged with the candidate
  • If the candidate has not already been engaged, please use the Fresh Desk Canned Response “Capterra Review Recruitment” Script to send an email.
    1. Subject Line: Share your experience with Forte on Capterra
    2. Required Ticket Properties:
      • Ticket Type: Voice of the Customer Campaigns
      • VOC Campaign: Capterra Review







  • Once the email has been submitted, FD turns it into a ticket – add Lurina Dallas as a watcher
  • Add the candidate to the spreadsheet filling in the appropriate fields

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