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VX520 Retirement FAQ

What does "Retirement" mean in this instance? 

When referring to the retirement of the VX520 point of sale device it is in reference to the manufacturer, Verifone, no longer renewing the PCI Certification of this device. Without this certification the device will no longer meet the minimum PCI compliance requirements, and therefore will not be supported by Forte after the retirement is finalized.

Will Forte replace my device?

If you are currently using a VX520 issued by Forte, you will be included in all communication regarding this transition. Forte recommends and will support the Verifone V400C in replacement of this device. Future communications will include the process for replacement, along with any costs involved.

When will Forte retire the VX520?
This process will be phased to avoid any interruption in service. While exact dates are not currently available, Forte has set a target to complete this process by Q4 of 2021.

Will there be a cost associated with this device replacement?

There will be a some cost associated with this change in devices, however there is currently no indication of what that cost will be. As more information becomes available we will update this section of the FAQ and share information via communications on this topic.

Will the V400C have the same features as the VX520?

The Verifone V400C not only has the features of the VX520, but even more functionality. This is a highly recommended device that will fit the needs of  basic processing merchants as well as merchants needing a more sophisticated device. You can read about this device on the Verifone website, and check back here for updates.

Will there be training available on using the new device?

Forte is committed to providing the education merchants need to successfully transition to, and utilize the new device. Communications regarding this transition will include information on where to find training and what education will be available moving forward.

As this transition progresses we will provide updates to this document, as well as via e-mail to your organization.

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