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Virtual Terminal Retirement FAQ

As we continue to evolve our Dex platform into a one-stop-shop for all customer needs, we will begin efforts to retire the Virtual Terminal (VT) and migrate all merchant functionality to Dex. 

What does "Retirement" mean in this instance?

Retirement means that Forte is moving away completely from utilizing this tool. 

Are all merchants moving to Dex from Virtual Terminal?

Yes, new merchants are being on-boarded directly to Dex, and existing merchants will be transitioning off of Virtual Terminal and on to Dex.

When will Virtual Terminal be retired?

This retirement will be phased. Your organization will receive further communication when the migration will begin, followed by a Dex invite.

Will we still have Virtual Terminal access?

Once Virtual Terminal is fully retired access will end. Dex will provide a more comprehensive and user friendly interface, therefore VT access will not be necessary.

Are all current Virtual Terminal features available in Dex?

We are consistently enhancing Dex to offer not only the current VT features, but new and enhanced features.

Will Dex training be available?

We currently offer Dex training and will continue to do so well beyond this transition process. We commit to providing you the necessary training in order to be successful in utilizing this platform.

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