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QA Procedure- Risk POA

  1. Login to Freshdesk and enter Filters: Agents, Groups, Created, Status and click Apply.

                              Note: Created should be Last 7 days and Status of Closed


  1. Obtain the MID from the subject line of the ticket, if applicable.

Note: If the MID is not in the subject line, proceed to Step 3. 


  1. Locate the transaction detail portion of the email to confirm due date and determine if POA is within the dispute time frame.


  1. Open the POA worksheet located in SharePoint.


  1. In the POA worksheet, search for the MID (highlight Column C, Ctrl + F) to ensure Column F total matches the transactions listed in the body of the email.


  1. In Webtools, go to the Comments to ensure the analyst entered notes.



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