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Internal Project Survey Guidelines

Survey Purpose / Goal: Collect feedback from project stakeholders to determine how well the project went. The survey will allow us to gather insights on what went really well and what can be improved upon.

Survey Audience:   Project Stakeholders


Survey Questions:

  • How clearly defined were the objectives for the project?
  • Were you clear on your role/contributions to the project?
  • Did the team leading the project work collaboratively with you and your team?
  • How adequately involved did you feel in project decisions?
  • How efficient and effective were project team meetings?
  • How effective were the communication and training materials (including FAQs) if any?
  • How effective was the team leading the project in meeting the deliverables of the project? 
  • What could the team leading the project improve upon for next time?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, what is your overall rating for the team leading this project? 
  • Did you feel appreciated or recognized for your efforts / contributions to the project? 
  • Please provide any additional feedback, suggestions, ideas, areas of improvement, or anything additional that could be beneficial to the team moving forward?
  • Employee Name: (Optional)


Anytime an internal project has closed, this survey will be sent to the applicable stakeholders for that project.

The project owner will notify the Voice of Customer team the details related to the survey.

  • Send email to
  • Subject Line – Internal Project Survey
  • Include in Email:
    1. Name of Project
      • Please include the name of the project as this will allow for tracking of survey answers based on respondents for each project.
    2. Date survey should be sent to participants
    3. Survey Participants – include who should receive the survey
    4. Project Stakeholders – identify stakeholders that should be included in survey analysis once the results have been analyzed.


Unless a specified survey close date is provided, the survey will be set to end 2 weeks after it is sent out. Reminders to participates with no or partial responses will be sent within 1 week of survey launch.

All surveys will remain anonymous. Participants will have a place to add their name, but that field is optional.

Survey Results will be analyzed once the survey has closed and will be presented to the applicable project owners /teams and/or stakeholders referenced in email to VOC.

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