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What do I do if I have trouble accepting Health Savings Account (HSA) cards?

If you are a merchant experiencing difficulties accepting Health Savings Account (HSA) cards from your clients and Forte sends you your monthly credit card merchant services statement, click here to register to accept HSA cards. Upon completion, contact Forte to update your merchant credit card processing account. Contact information for Forte should be printed at the top of your monthly credit card merchant services statement.

Why am I receiving the "SERV NOT ALLOWED" error message?

A SERV NOT ALLOWED message usually indicates that the merchant account with the credit card processor may not be set up for a specific card type. Note this message is returned by Vital. Vital can inform you as to why the transactions were declined by contacting them directly.

To resolve this issue, verify the merchant ID/transaction ID (MID/TID) have been entered on your account at Forte by calling your Sales Representative. For support with Vital merchant accounts, contact Vital; otherwise, contact Forte's Customer Service Department at 866-290-5400.

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