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ACH/EFT Processing FAQs

Where can I find the most up-to-date ABA database of participating financial institutions?

For the latest version of the ABA database, see the following third-party resources:

  • Federal Reserve Financial Services (ACH participants, wire participants, both)
  • LexusNexis Risk Solutions (official registrar of ABA routing numbers in conjunction with NACHA, which publishes the ACH Participant Directory)
  • NACHA: ACH Participant Directory (The ACH Participant Directory, published by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and developed in partnership with Nacha, provides quick access to routing numbers and contact information for financial institutions that participate in the ACH Network.)

Will a less-day hold guarantee that I can collect from my customers?

No. With a less-day hold, Forte is basically advancing the money into your account without confirmation that the funds are available in your customer’s accounts. Forte also has to wait the standard hold time to determine if the funds are available in your customer’s accounts. On less than a standard hold time, every return you receive from your customer’s accounts (e.g., NSF, Stop Payment, Unauthorized, etc.), Forte will have to debit your settlement account for the previously funded transactions that were rejected (PFs). This may cause reconciliation difficulties simply because you will be receiving funds for transactions that you're not sure have successfully cleared your customer's accounts.

I want to go to a less-day hold on my account so that I can get my funds faster. Can I do that?

You can go to a less day hold; however, any merchant who wants a less day hold on his/her merchant account is required to send in the following documentation:

  • Most recent two years of audited financials or un-audited financials accompanied with corresponding business tax returns
  • Most recent bank statement
  • A signed request from an authorized signer on the merchant account stating the desired hold time with a detailed explanation and the name of the Customer Service Representative you spoke to regarding the request.

Also, you may be required to provide an up-front or fixed reserve amount and/or you may be required to consent to a per-transaction price increase.

How do I test the U02: ACCOUNT NOT APPROVED response?

The following pair (TRN:987654321, Account Number: 987654321) will always yield a declined U02: ACCOUNT NOT APPROVED response in Sandbox. To receive a TEST APPROVAL response, use another Account Number such as 8484848484.

Is bank authorization required to initiate debits or credits?

Generally, prior bank authorization is not required to initiate debits or credits. Some situations (e.g., corporate credit card or debit transactions) may require that entities notify their financial institution or else risk the item being returned.

What does the R51 reject code mean?

Forte flags transactions as R51 when transaction items or transaction volume exceed the thresholds that Forte has established for a particular Merchant ID. Many times, items that are initially flagged as an R51 are allowed to be processed if a Risk Manager can approve the items; however, if a Risk Manager is not able to approve the transactions before the end-of-day process, the items will reject.

If you are concerned with future items rejecting as R51, contact Risk Management and let them know that you've had some items reject as R51 and would like to have an account review. Risk will evaluate the thresholds that have been established for your account for a potential increase. In the meantime, you should resubmit the rejected R51 items for processing. Forte can also resubmit R51 transactions on your behalf. To speak with Risk Management, call 866-290-5400.

How can I tell if my client's EFT account is on the "Known Bad" list?

Depending on how Forte receives the transactions, various response codes may be returned for EFT accounts on the "Known Bad" list:

  • Real-Time Integrations (AGI, SWP, or Virtual Terminal) and ATMVerify Transactions via Batch File Transmission - Transaction will be declined with a U02: ACCOUNT NOT APPROVED error message.
  • Batch File Transmission(Direct Billing, Transporter, or any software uploading a file containing a transaction) - Transaction will be approved for processing and returned on the origination date with one of the following error messages:

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