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Vetting Merchants for Closure Survey


This process will be used to qualify (vet) merchants each month to determine who receives the Merchant Closure Survey.


  • Log into Webtools. Click on Reports, Click on DataExplorer, Select Merchant Closures





  • Enter your Start Date and End Date for the previous month and select Run query. After selecting run query, your results will appear which should be downloaded into a CSV.









  • Once the CSV opens, highlight row #1 and select Sort & Filter to add a filter









  • You will use the filter option to filter the column for ISO name (Column E)
    1. You will remove (uncheck) any ISOs that are on the Customer Success No Training List
    2. If an ISO is not listed on the No Training List, they may have already been verified as Okay to Contact. You would want to double check this list next for ISOs that are okay to keep on the list.
    3. If there are Merchant Accounts listed as Test Accounts, please remove those from the list.
    4. If you have ISO’s that are not on the No Training or Okay to Contact list, please check to see if the partner has a Vertical set up sheet. If so, check the vertical to see if training or no training is listed. If training is listed, we can keep them on the list, if no training is listed, we should remove.


  • You will then need to filter out closure reasons, by clicking on Column H. Use the filters to unselect any of the following closure reasons.
    1. Terminated (of any sort or variation)
    2. ISO Request
    3. Opened New Forte MID
    4. Excessive Chargebacks


  • Highlight the column with the general email addresses listed, and click on the Data tab. Click on Text To Columns, Delimited. After selecting Delimited, click next. You will then select Semicolon and comma on the next screen and click finish.












This will separate any rows with more than 1 email address. If the list had any, those additional email addresses will be now in a new column (so it’s only one email address per cell). Feel free to add those additional email addresses to the survey.

After these steps have been completed, your list should be vetted, and the remaining merchants will be your survey participants.

It is best to copy and paste this filtered data to a new spreadsheet. The new spreadsheet should be saved in Sharepoint.

 When saving, make sure you are under the Voice of the Customer and Survey Analytics folder, Merchant Closure Survey, (select the correct year i.e. 2020 Closures). The spreadsheet should be saved as (Month, Year) Closures.









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