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Merchant Price Change & MSA Amendment FAQ

Q: Why is this change occurring?
 A: Historically, Forte has absorbed costs associated with Card Brand and vendor price increases, however, upon market analysis and due to the ongoing increases Forte is no longer able to absorb the costs across our entire portfolio.


Q: How will Forte determine pricing changes in the future?

A: Forte will analyze pricing annually across our product offering with consideration of mandated changes in interchange, 3rd parties, and Card Brand costs, which may result in pricing adjustments.

Q: Where should I look on my invoice to view the price changes?
A: This may vary based on the pricing model indicated in your merchant service agreement. See below for details based on the 3 pricing models available.

Interchange Plus 

  • CCPInt = Interchange totals – the interchange report included with the invoice will detail interchange by card type

Tiered Pricing

  • CCP34M= Mid-Qual rate/surcharge
  • CCP34N = Non-Qual rate/surcharge

Flat Fee Pricing:

  • Merchants will receive an invoice with 2 billing codes
    • CCPERCENT – Credit Card Flat Rate

Q: What changes are included in the Merchant Services Agreement?
 A: 1. Transaction Processing Services – This section has been amended to provide more detail regarding Forte’s authorization to act as an agent to process payments on your behalf; to add clarifying language regarding Forte’s ability to set and hold funds on reserve; details of the escheatment process; and to clarify the circumstances under which Forte may temporarily suspend Services to a Merchant account.

2. Confidentiality – This section has been amended to add a reference to the new definition of Confidential Information in Appendix A/Glossary and to include mutual obligations regarding consumer financial information.

3. Compliance with Rules and Laws -  This section has been amended to include compliance with FinCEN Rules regarding reporting any change in beneficial ownership of your company (if applicable).

4. Term and Termination – This section has been amended to include a three-year term, effective as of the date you first entered an agreement with Forte, with one year auto-renew terms and to align the circumstances allowing for immediate termination with those allowing for temporary suspension of services.

5. Notice – This section has been amended to allow for electronic mail as an acceptable form of notice.

6. General Provisions – This section has been amended to change the governing law to the state of Delaware and to include “epidemics” in the Force Majeure clause with a delineated process of notification for any force majeure event.

7. Appendix A/Glossary-  This section has been amended to add a definition of Confidential Information to the Glossary.


You can view the full amendment here.

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