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Mastercard Transaction Integrity Class value for interchange rates

Currently, Mastercard sends a Transaction Integrity Class (TIC) value within each transaction authorization response message (including cash-back transactions). When a TIC value is received from Mastercard, merchants must include that value in the settlement message for all U.S. transactions, including those U.S. transactions accepted on multicurrency or OmniPay (international transactions are excluded). The TIC aids in the security of a transaction by assessing the differences between the payment technology and the cardholder verification method used to determine the validity and integrity of both the card and cardholder data.

Effective October 2020, if a merchant uses a TIC value in a settlement message that does not match what Mastercard sent in the original authorization response message, this will be considered a mismatch. A mismatch may cause the transaction to downgrade and increase the interchange rate.

Depending on the equipment and/or software you use to process transactions, one or more actions may be necessary to confirm the proper use of TIC data, such as contacting your independent software vendor (ISV), re-coding to Fiserv specifications if you code directly, and updating your terminals other products and applications supplied by Wells Fargo Merchant Services.

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