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Visa reminder to comply with enhanced data quality requirements

Incorrect data affects all stakeholders in the payments ecosystem: merchants, service providers, issuers, acquirers, processors, and cardholders. Visa is committed to maintaining data quality within the Visa network by ensuring data accuracy and consistency through the monitoring capabilities of the enhanced Visa Data Quality Program.

Members must ensure the information throughout the transaction life cycle is accurate, complete, and in the format specified by Visa. Inaccuracies typically occur with data transmitted in the authorization and clearing records and within, but not limited to, the following programs:

Interchange Reimbursement Fee Qualification Programs (Level II and Level III data)

  • Fleet Data (e.g., odometer; driver ID; vehicle ID; generic ID)
  • Airline and Rail Data (e.g., merchant name formatting; ancillary data)

Visa reminds merchants and service providers that they must comply with the data quality requirements. Service providers should carefully review their merchants’ and processors’ transaction coding, data capture, and business practices to ensure compliance with the Visa Rules. If the rules are violated, Visa will take compliance actions and/or evaluate non-compliance assessments against entities that repeatedly are non-compliant.

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