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Visa Reason Code Updates

Visa announced changes to the following reason codes:

  • Reason code 1350 Misrepresentation –an Issuer may initiate a Dispute under this reason code if the dispute applies to a transaction in a card-absent environment where merchandise or digital goods have been purchased through a trial period, promotional period, or introductory offer or as a one-off purchase and the cardholder was not clearly advised of further transactions after the purchase date
  • Reason code 1120 (Decline Authorization) and 1130 (No Authorization) –Issuers may initiate chargebacks when proper authorization has not been obtained for credit returns
  • Reason Codes 1010 (EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud) and 1030 (Other Fraud –Card Present Environment) –Visa will allow acquirers to provide additional types of compelling evidence for card-present U.S. domestic key-entered transactions processed at non-chip terminals, including:
    • Evidence of another payment on the same card which was undisputed. For example, evidence such as a transaction receipt, demonstrating the cardholder’s card was used in a transaction the week before and was not disputed
    • Evidence of the cardholder’s identification and signed copy of the receipt, contract or invoice which links the identification presented by the cardholder. For example, a signed contract and the cardholder’s ID information showing the cardholder agreed to pay for the disputed transaction 

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