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Here's an interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **


1. Click Locations on the Dex navigation menu

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2. Here you can see all the locations under your organization. You can search for the location Location Name or ID. Also, you can filter locations by Status, States, Postal Codes and Services.

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3. You can click on a location to view additional details.

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4. Once you are inside the Location Details you can see the account details.

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5. The General Information shows the, Location & Transmitter ID, Created on Date, Phone number, etc.

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6. Product and Services shows a list of all transaction processing services for this location and any add-on services (e.g., Account Updater, Validate/Validate+verification services, BillPay).

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7. Clicking on a service's listing displays additional details about it, such as the card brands this location supports,

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8. permissible SEC Codes for echeck transactions, location-specific ACH cutoff times, debit and credit threshold limits,

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9. the conditions upon which a transaction will automatically decline with Validate+ or the day of the month that Dex runs the Account Updater service.

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10. Bank Accounts shows the bank account(s) this location uses for Funding Debits, Funding Credits, Card Service Fees (e.g., Principal Only, Fee Only, Principal + Fee), and/or ACH Service Fees (e.g., Principal Only, Fee Only, Principal + Fee).

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11. Documents can only be viewed and uploaded by corporate users and Merchant Admins.

This holds all attachments pertinent to this merchant location (e.g., a pdf copy of the original application, rate plan, and merchant service agreeement).

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12. Billing provides a detailed list of the agreed upon product costs for each merchant location.

Only Forte employees, Merchant Admins, and Dispute Managers can view this tab.

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13. Controller/Owners displays the name and ownership percentage of all the owners for this location. Clicking on an owner displays more information about him/her, including contact information and personal identifying data.

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14. The Credentials tab is where you can regenerate credentials used by these APIs: Advanced Gateway Interface (AGI), Batch, Forte checkout auth version 1.0, Forte JS, Secure Web Pay (SWP), and SOAP "Client" "Merchant" "Transaction" webservices.

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