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Dex- Adding Schedules

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1 Click Schedules on the Dex navigation menu.

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2 Click Add Schedule

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3 Click the blue plus sign to add a new customer or type in the customer's name for an existing customer.

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4 Click the blue plus sign to add a new payment method or use the drop down to add an existing payment method. 

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5 Click Item Description to add any additional information/comments.

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6 Click Action to select the transaction type.

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7 Select Frequency to determine how often the schedule should run.

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8 Click on Recurrence Start to select the schedule start date. You are only able to select a future date. 

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9 Select the Recurrence End set up. You can set up a continuous or non-continuous schedule.
For a continuous schedule select Schedule transactions with no end date. 
For a non-continuous schedule select End after (quantity) transactions.

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10 Add the Subtotal and Tax (if applicable).

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11 Click Add Schedule once everything has been added.

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12 A pop message will appear letting you know if the schedule was created. That's it. You're done.

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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