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Dex- Searching Schedules

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1 Click Schedules in the Dex navigation menu.

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2 You can search for a schedule by clicking in the search bar and entering in Company Name, Customer Name/ID/Token or Schedule ID. 

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3 Date Created is used to expand the date range.
Status is used to filter by specific statuses of schedules. 
Location ID is used to look at schedules under specific account(s)
Method is used to filter by the payment method used.

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4 Use More Filters to search by Frequency and Schedule Type.

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5 Click on the three dots to preform actions from the schedules data grid.

You can click on the transaction for additional actions.

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6 Here you can view the schedule details such as the quantity and end date, payment method, customer information, location and etc.

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7 If you click Edit General you can update the Payment Method, Order Number and Reference ID tied to the schedule.

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8 Here you can see the Next Transaction date and Summary. 

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9 Here you can see all scheduled transactions. If you select the three dots, you can Edit or Delete the transactions. 
If its a non-continuous schedule, you will have to edit each transaction.

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10 Click the Plus Sign to add additional scheduled transactions.

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11 You can also click Actions to Suspend or Delete the entire schedule.

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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